Geography Fieldwork: It’s amazing

So what’s your poison? Maybe you’re the kinda girl who gets a kick out of taking kick-samples? Or perhaps you’re the kinda guy who likes to log the characteristics of logs? Ah, now I’ve seen that look in your eye before; you’re the kinda Geographer who likes to sit in a field watching cattle

The summer is here and that means geography fieldwork! Wahoo! We’ve got ethnography, epidemiology, ecology, geology, ethology, geomorphology, sociology, hydrology, psychcology, glaciology and sitting in a field watching cattle…

And where would you like to be? You can go to the beautiful English countryside and get your hands dirty with some seriously fine particulate organic matter. Or there are some stunning glaciers in Iceland; why not go and stick a few probes down ‘em so we can improve our understanding of bed deformation? Namibia is a bit blowy but the weather is generally good and if you take this terrestrial laser-scanner you can record the effects of vegetation upon sand dune stability.

Of course you might not be interested in all this physical stuff at all. There’s an excellent project in Germany where you can go and talk to people about social enterprise whilst drinking as much cider as you want! Not much for the hard stuff eh? How about a reading holiday? You could assess the importance of tourism in determining the longevity of bookshops in the Lake District. Architecture is more you bag? Well why didn’t you say? Visit the model cities of Bilbao, Barcelona and Vancouver and if you have time, try and explain how these fantastic urban centres fit into our 21st century few of the metropolis.

Whilst you’re making up your mind, why not watch our promotional videos (contains one use of bad language and is via Facebook so apologises if you can’t see it)?

Fieldwork in England

Fieldwork in Tenerife

See you in a field somewhere soon.


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  1. […] in Iceland and Ellie immersing herself in Bangladesh. Of course, what we are all doing for our fieldwork is very different, but how we go about planning and coordinating it, can be all much the same. There are decisions to […]

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