The geographies of blog readership

We’ve had a great 6 months here at the Southampton Geography and Environment postgraduate blog. 63 blogs have been posted ranging from cattle related poetry to issues of ship breaking in Bangladesh. Some of our contributors have even enlightened readers with great tips on how to manage the life – work balance and how to complete a PhD on time (which it might be added, the author of that post actually managed to do!).

Over the last six months we’ve clocked up over 8000 views, and I thought now was time to share a little image showing the “global impact” of the blog…

Global distribution of blog views for the Geography and Environment postgraduate blog.


I’m sure you’ll agree that’s impressive, especially over six months. We’ve made in roads into Sudan, Azerbaijan, Qatar, El Salvador and, somewhat surprisingly had 22 hits from the Cayman Islands! But now, it’s time for what you’ve all been waiting for…the top ten Geography and Environment blog readership locations (cue Top of The Pops chart music)…

10. New Zealand – Sneaking in at number 10 are New Zealand with only  76 views,

9. Malaysia – Malaysia just make it into ninth place with 77 views (was a close run thing at the foot of the table).

8. Bangladesh – Bangladesh a small jump ahead in eight place with 86 views. Well done to John Duncan and Ellie Tighe, our Bangladesh/India publicists. Good job.

7. Germany –  The first European country in the chart enters at number 7, with 105 views they’re also the first to break the triple figure barrier.

6. Netherlands – Germany’s neighbour is sitting pretty in sixth with 118 views. Must be Thierry sharing the love with his family back home.

5. Canada – Across the Atlantic for fifth place, with Canada storming in with 170 views. Looks like the Dutch have a lot to do if they want to move up the table.

4. Australia – Off down under at number 4, with 192 views they’ll be looking to improve substantially on that over the next six months.

3. India – Again, well done John and Ellie. Good to see the postgrads involved in research in India are promoting the site well. 264 views from the Indian subcontinent.

2. United States of America – Nice to see the USA sitting second with a healthy 612 views. Looks like we have a nice little readership across the pond.

and 1. United Kingdom – Unsurprising really, with over 5000 hits from the UK it’s clear the blog authors have been artificially skewing all the stats by constantly refreshing the page.


So, what’s in store for the next six months. Well, our targets are increasing our readership in Africa and central Asia. I’m particularly looking at the Cote d’Ivoire and the Trinidad and Tobago markets. Who knows, may even have total global coverage within another six months….


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