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What is Human Geography?

We discuss the academic discipline of human geography, with comments from our own human geographers

Geomorphologists hard at work!

Tips for starting a new job after your PhD

Our recently departed Trev Bond shares his experiences of starting a new job outside of academia and offers some advice as to how you can make the most of your new role

Geography: It's more than just colouring in

What is geography?

It’s a classic question that just about anyone involved in geography will be subjected to at some stage.  I get it in a variety of formats. Sometimes the plain ‘what is geography?’ oxbridge interview style question by people trying to trip you up, occasionally the disdainful ‘urgh geography?’ and probably most commonly the ‘geography is […]

Career Destinations: Options after PhD Study

Key points from the graduate school seminar on career routes after the PhD and how to get that job

A thesis

The PhD viva: My experience

Trev Bond provides insight into that most terrifying component of a doctorate – the dreaded viva

Planning Fieldwork in the Social Sciences

Five points to consider when planning your geography fieldwork

Population, Hazard, Modelling

In the style of a three-word-Monday this article outlines my current research and the general bigger issue of natural hazard exposure assessment and population mapping. Population exposure to flooding in the UK, Spain and Pakistan are recent notable examples from the media this week. The term ‘model’ might often evoke an irrational fear or sudden […]