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River management on the Wooler Water

River restoration: Part 2 – What you shouldn’t do

The second of two posts looking at the DO’s and DONT’s of river restoration

Channel narrowing on the River Wensum

River restoration: Part 1 – What you should do

The first of two posts looking at the DO’s and DONT’s of river restoration

A tributary of the River Itchen at Winchester

Why are English chalk streams important?

Why are chalk streams important? In the third blog post in the series we consider the unique ecological value of these groundwater-dominated rivers.

A cow ramp

Cattle and the freshwater pearl mussel

A rant about a recent episode of Countryfile. Are cattle really to blame for the decline of the freshwater pearl mussel?

Winnall Moors on the Itchen River

An introduction to England’s chalk streams: origins and history

The first in a series of blog posts discussing English chalk streams. In this post, Trev Bond explains where our chalk streams have come from.

Geography: It's more than just colouring in

What is Geography nowadays anyway?

There’s a lot more to Geography than just colouring in. Geography’s more important in the 21st Century than ever.

Sunrise over the River Meon

What does my research have to do with climate change?

Trev Bond explains where climate change comes into his research, and how important it is to us all