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Geography: It's more than just colouring in

What is geography?

It’s a classic question that just about anyone involved in geography will be subjected to at some stage.  I get it in a variety of formats. Sometimes the plain ‘what is geography?’ oxbridge interview style question by people trying to trip you up, occasionally the disdainful ‘urgh geography?’ and probably most commonly the ‘geography is […]

What does glacial fieldwork involve?

Electronics in a dripping bothy bag?

Wierd things you end up doing on fieldwork

Fieldwork always seems to involve me having to master a variety of techniques I’ve never tried before…

Notes from a glacier – What lies beneath (GPR – Ground Penetrating Radar)

The initial phase of work on the glacier has been largely preoccupied with what is under the glacier.

Notes from a glacier – Finally getting out into the field…

Find out what the Glacsweb team are up to in Iceland this year in the first in a series of blog posts by Alex Clayton.

Prepping for fieldwork

With fieldwork fast approaching life is getting a little more stressful than usual…

Geography: It's more than just colouring in

What is Geography nowadays anyway?

There’s a lot more to Geography than just colouring in. Geography’s more important in the 21st Century than ever.