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What is Human Geography?

We discuss the academic discipline of human geography, with comments from our own human geographers

Geography: It's more than just colouring in

What is geography?

It’s a classic question that just about anyone involved in geography will be subjected to at some stage.  I get it in a variety of formats. Sometimes the plain ‘what is geography?’ oxbridge interview style question by people trying to trip you up, occasionally the disdainful ‘urgh geography?’ and probably most commonly the ‘geography is […]

Planning Fieldwork in the Social Sciences

Five points to consider when planning your geography fieldwork

The geographies of blog readership

After six months of being live, find out how and where the Geography and Environment blog has been viewed.

ENRGHI Conference 2012: Presentations and Prizes

ENRGHI 2012 was the 16th ENRGHI conference organised by and for Emerging and New Researchers in the Geographies of Health and Impairment (hence the name!). The ENRGHI 2012 was organised by students from University College London and Queen Mary, University of London and ran from the 10th to the 11th of September.  The full programme […]

Fire destroys garment worker community

At 10AM yesterday morning a huge fire tore through the community of hundreds of garments workers, in Tejgaon Industrial Area, Dhaka. Residences are employees of factories supplying clothing to the European and US export market. Yet with sourcing placed through local agencies, the supply chain and brands of these garments is hard to chase. While luckily no one was killed, many have been severely injured and the residents of Begunbari, must now attempt to rebuild their homes and communities.

Breaking Ships – Breaking Communities?

Ellie Tighe and John Duncan In 2009, the UN: International Maritime Organisation, implemented the Hong Kong convention, a multilateral agreement to combat the detrimental impact of ship recycling on humans and the environment ( Observing the industrial activities down by the banks of the muddy Buriganga River in central Dhaka however, exposes this agreement as […]