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Channel narrowing on the River Wensum

River restoration: Part 1 – What you should do

The first of two posts looking at the DO’s and DONT’s of river restoration

Is it time for a univeristy league table for PhD’s?

With the increasing number of people undertaking a PhD in the UK, and indeed worldwide, the environment seems to be becoming more like a marketplace. Particularly with undergraduate student numbers down this year in the Russell Group, which may be new reality rather than a blip, the money bought into the institution through PhD’s is […]

The River Itchen

Threats to English chalk streams – Part 2

The final blog post in the series – Trev Bond discusses four more threats to English chalk streams

Notes from a glacier – Finally getting out into the field…

Find out what the Glacsweb team are up to in Iceland this year in the first in a series of blog posts by Alex Clayton.

Women and Science: Is it a Career we Want?

The title is a bit misleading. I am definitely a woman, but I can see the cool side to being a scientist – not that you can only be one or the other. I’d love to discover a new species, or a new star (cos that’s what scientists do right?), I’m just not patient enough […]

Mis-Representation for a cheap headline

I feel a little bit sorry for the National Trust this morning. There are a number of stories deriding them for spending public money on an exhibit which says Giants Causeway in Northern Ireland was made by God. Instantly atheists, skeptics and scientists everywhere are up in arms. “The National Trust has defended its decision […]

Geography: It's more than just colouring in

What is Geography nowadays anyway?

There’s a lot more to Geography than just colouring in. Geography’s more important in the 21st Century than ever.