Grad School Seminars

Every fortnight, the Geography and Environment Graduate School holds its very own Seminar Series. These hourly sessions give postgrads the chance to present their research, or discuss any issues they may be having, in a friendly environment with out the added pressure of their supervisors being preesnt (and that’s no disrespect to anyone’s supervisors).

These sessions have seen discussions ranging from the percieved impacts of climate change and  the effects of wood in flood prevention, to the role of social enterprises in protecting orchards. They have also provided grounds for discussing what makes a good academic poster and how to get published, two things new researchers often have trouble with.

In up coming weeks we have the following talks lined up

11th October, 1-2pm – Career Destinations, life after the PhD

25th October, 1-2pm – Gunnar Mallon 

A series of raised peat bogs across northwest Europe were cored and analysed for plant macrofossil and testate amoebae remains in order to establish patterns of natural climate change during the transition to modern climatic conditions. Clear climatic boundaries and their underlying forcing mechanisms were explored alongside the link between European soil moisture and changes in North Atlantic sea-ice cover. The talk will present findings from this research and discuss the wider implications of the findings and possible future research avenues.

  Introduction to the blog and Twitter, plus 1st year post grad. Q&A

1st November, 1-2pm – Ellie Tighe, Regulating clothing and footwear production in Dhaka


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