A thesis

Trev Bond provides insight into that most terrifying component of a doctorate – the dreaded viva


Five points to consider when planning your geography fieldwork

In the style of a three-word-Monday this article outlines my current research and the general bigger issue of natural hazard exposure assessment and population mapping. Population exposure to flooding in the UK, Spain and Pakistan are recent notable examples from the media this week. The term ‘model’ might often evoke an irrational fear or sudden […]

After six months of being live, find out how and where the Geography and Environment blog has been viewed.

ENRGHI 2012 was the 16th ENRGHI conference organised by and for Emerging and New Researchers in the Geographies of Health and Impairment (hence the name!). The ENRGHI 2012 was organised by students from University College London and Queen Mary, University of London and ran from the 10th to the 11th of September.  The full programme […]

As part of research into the development of forests post-river restoration I have been using an American forest growth model (we don’t have a UK one). This has led to hours of frustration trying to convert pounds/square foot and feet/year into sensible units and general raging about the Imperial measurement system. However this is not […]

Writing a poem about your PhD can be surprisingly satisfying. Mmm.