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Channel narrowing on the River Wensum

River restoration: Part 1 – What you should do

The first of two posts looking at the DO’s and DONT’s of river restoration

Clear waters and gravel bed substrate on the Itchen River

The characteristics of English chalk streams

The second in a series of blogs looking at English chalk streams. This time, what is it that characterises these lowland rivers?

BSG Conference 2012

BSG 2012: Postgraduate Workshop

Trev Bond tells us about the Postgraduate Workshop at the British Society for Geomorphology Conference 2012

Chris Hackney presenting at the Grad School Conference

The Graduate School Conference: The impact of climate change upon coastal gully erosion

Chris Hackney discusses the latest developments in his work in this video.

Simon presents his work

The Graduate School Conference: Forest restoration and flood hydrology in the New Forest

Simon Dixon talks to us about his research. He even uses some props!

Trevor Bond presenting at the Graduate School Conference

The Graduate School Conference: Cattle grazing in chalk streams

Trevor Bond talks to us about his research

The truth about cattle

Are cattle evil? Almost certainly not. That doesn’t stop people saying some very horrible things about our bovine friends. But is it warranted? We try and set the record straight, using facts.