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Channel narrowing on the River Wensum

River restoration: Part 1 – What you should do

The first of two posts looking at the DO’s and DONT’s of river restoration


Planning Fieldwork in the Social Sciences

Five points to consider when planning your geography fieldwork

The geographies of blog readership

After six months of being live, find out how and where the Geography and Environment blog has been viewed.

Notes from a glacier – Finally getting out into the field…

Find out what the Glacsweb team are up to in Iceland this year in the first in a series of blog posts by Alex Clayton.

A cow ramp

Cattle and the freshwater pearl mussel

A rant about a recent episode of Countryfile. Are cattle really to blame for the decline of the freshwater pearl mussel?

In the field

Geography Fieldwork: It’s amazing

Everyone loves fieldwork. It’s one of the reasons to be a Geographer! So what do we get up to?

Geography: It's more than just colouring in

What is Geography nowadays anyway?

There’s a lot more to Geography than just colouring in. Geography’s more important in the 21st Century than ever.